For Parents

I value your input as parents and therefore, you will be asked to complete a developmental history form in advance of the first appointment. It will also be helpful if you can provide copies of any available tests or reports completed in the past about your child. It is sometimes useful for me to meet alone with a parent(s) before meeting with the child.

If we decide to proceed with an evaluation at that point, the next step would be to schedule time to meet with the child. These meetings will include several sessions that generally occur over 3 to 4 weeks. Examples of things we may do during these meetings include drawing, math, spelling, reading, and answering questions. Breaks will be scheduled as needed. Parents should bring snacks for the child, and should plan to remain on site throughout the evaluation. Observations of the child at his or her school can also be arranged.

After the report is written, we will have a feedback session. Each report will include detailed recommendations for both parents and for teachers.